Mold Armor Fg503 E-z House Wash

mold armor fg503 e-z house wash
Cleaning your home’s exterior may seem like a big weekend project, but it’s fast and easy with Mold Armor items. We put the strongest formulas available in a strong hose-end sprayer to create a patented product that cleans all types of exterior surfaces in just moments. Is your deck or wood fence fading, dingy, graying, weathered? Clean and restore your deck to its natural color and beauty with Mold Armor® E-Z Deck, Fence & Patio Wash. This quickly and easily kills mold and mildew and removes the stains from your wood deck, fencing and patio. It’s going to work in just 10 minutes. There’s no combining or scrubbing. Simply spray it upon. Wait 5-10 moments And, rinse it off. Transforming weathered wood back to its natural look is that simple. It will not harm plants once used as aimed.

You can even use it like a refill for the E-Z Deck & Fence Wash Hose End Sprayer to save money! It’s ideal for make use of on:

Painted and wood decks
Painted wood fences & porches
Composite finishes
Wood siding
Wood swing sets & more
Coverage Approximately 250 to 300 square feet.

Nothing eliminates mildew and mold stains as efficiently as a bleach-based formula, and our Quick Mold & Mold Stain Remover is 2X stronger than the leading brands. Simply spray it upon, wait a few minutes and rinse-it’s that simple and fast. It’s ideal upon tile, grout, tubs, toilets, fiberglass, bathtub doors, sinks plus more. Use Home Shield Instant Mold & Mildew Stain Remover to prep surfaces before painting to enhance the performance and appearance of new paint.
Simply spray it on, wait a few minutes, and rinse or clean with a cloth or wet sponge-it’s that simple. You can use this formula on all types of surfaces, including aluminum, cup, fiberglass, stone, polymer, vinyl, porcelain, shower curtains and more.

Exclusive Spray Deflector Attachment

Our patented Hose End sprayer enables you to create a direct or fan spray to reach and clean different areas of your home. Detach deflector to create a direct spray and reach second story. Attach deflector to create a wide spray and increase coverage. The type of surface you’re cleaning determines the effectiveness of formula needed. More porous surfaces require a higher concentration level to penetrate deep to remove stains. Therefore , we developed E-Z Deck & Fencing wash to deliver a greater concentration for porous surfaces such as wood decks and tough sawn wood-to restore the look to their natural splendor.

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For nonporous surfaces like vinyl house, aluminum and brick, our E-Z Home Wash formula is usually delivered at standard strength. All Mold Armor exterior cleansers feature the strongest bleach-based formulas available to blast away the most difficult mold and mildew stains with no scrubbing. Mold Shield is also safe for grass and plants when used as directed. Thanks for read mold armor fg503 e-z house wash

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